Game Controller Support

Play Tegra Zone Games with controllers

To really transform the mobile experience into an immersive gaming experience, select Tegra Zone games are compatible with controllers – both wired and wireless. Click here for the current list of compatible games. Games are being added regularly!

While there are many different wired and wireless controllers, we've provided set up instructions below for some of the more popular controllers.

Hardware Requirements:

  • NVIDIA® Tegra® 3 mobile device
    • For all controllers, your Tegra 3 mobile device will need a full-size USB host port. If it does not have a full-size USB host port, then you'll need to get an adapter or docking station that has a full-size USB host port. The adapter is typically called a "camera kit" or a "USB connection kit".
  • One of the following controllers (though others are likely to work, these are examples)
    • Logitech® Wireless Gamepad F710
    • Microsoft® Xbox® 360 and compatible Wired Controllers (Microsoft Xbox 360 Wireless Controller is not supported)

Connecting USB Game Controllers – Wireless and Wired

Logitech Wireless Gamepad F710
  1. Plug the USB wireless dongle into the mobile device's USB host port.
  2. Verify the gamepad's switch is in 'XInput' mode which is marked 'X' on the gamepad.
  3. Press the Logitech button in the middle of the controller to connect.
Microsoft Xbox 360 and Compatible Wired Controllers
  1. Plug the end of the USB cable into the tablet's USB host port.
  2. Press the 'Guide' button labeled with the Xbox logo in the middle of the controller.
  3. Wait for 1 of the 4 lights around the 'Guide' button to change to steady green.
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On Tegra 3 mobile devices, you can play this game in 3D on 3D displays with HDMI 1.4 support.

Controller Support close

You can play this game with a wired or wireless game controller.

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