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Microsoft Surface Tablets Priced Competitively

Microsoft Surface Tablets Priced Competitively

Microsoft's anticipated line of Windows RT-powered Surface tablet computers are now available.

Three separate models are currently available for U.S. consumers: a 32 GB model for $499, a 32 GB model with a black touch cover that doubles as a keyboard for $599, and a 64 GB model with the black touch cover for $699.

The tablets are priced fairly competitively. For example, the baseline 32 GB iPad 3 costs $599, while the baseline 32 GB Microsoft Surface costs $100 less. All three Surface models are also cheaper than Lenovo’s Windows RT Yoga 11 tablet, which was revealed last week and starts at $799 and up.

Microsoft is also selling optional accessories for the Surface including different colored touch covers for an additional $119.99 (available in white, red, black, cyan and magenta) as well as the type keyboard for $129.99, the later of which functions similarly to a traditional keyboard as it comes with a full row of thin-form functional keys.

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