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Practical Uses for Windows RT Lenovo Yoga

Practical Uses for Windows RT Lenovo Yoga

Lenovo has unveiled its versatile new Windows RT tablet, the Yoga 11. As you might already infer from its name, Lenovo’s 11-inch Yoga 11 tablet is built from the ground up with flexibility in mind. Its patented 360 degree dual-hinge design allows you to position the tablet in four different modes ideal for various activities whether you’re playing games during your commute or wrapping up that spreadsheet for your boss. Here are a couple of practical uses we've found for Lenovo’s Yoga 11.

Playing PC Caliber Games with a Keyboard or Touch Screen
The Yoga 11 has a number of things going for it that make the device a proficient gaming machine. Its energy-efficient battery life, which will last up to 13 hours, coupled with its robust processing power courtesy of the NVIDIA quad-core Tegra 3 graphics chip its equipped with make it a serious option for gamers. It also offers gamers different control options as you can play games with either its keyboard or touch screen while in tablet mode. And we already know that Windows RT is fully-capable of running advanced graphics technology like the full-version of the Unreal Engine thanks to Epic Games' demonstration earlier this year of an RT tablet running its Epic Citadel tech demo.

Creating and Editing Professional Documents
Tablet computers offer a variety of features that can make our lives easier, but productivity has never really been one of its core strengths. Sure, you can open up a no-frills notepad application to create some quick memos on a tablet, but being able to easily create and edit professional quality documents is usually difficult. And as with all Windows RT tablets, the Yoga 11 comes pre-installed with Microsoft Office so you’ll have access to Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneNote wherever you go.

Watching HD Videos in Stand Mode
In addition to Yoga’s more standard laptop and tablet modes discussed above, the device can also be positioned in what Lenovo calls “stand” mode. By folding the keyboard completely back, which automatically deactivates the keys, users can turn the keyboard into a fully-adjustable stand. This allows you to angle the screen for presentations or watching high-definition movies and videos that are unobstructed by the keyboard.

Accessing Apps While Space is Scarce
While it may look like a good way to snap your brand-new Lenovo tablet in two, the “tent” mode is another position Lenovo has demonstrated with its Yoga 11 and it won't harm the device. If you use your imagination, the position can have several potential uses including having it fit on top of one of those tiny airplane trays as you access apps on its five-point multi-touch display. Hell, you can even turn it into a digital frame to display family photos or important notices during get togethers or specials events.

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