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Unreal Engine-Powered Android Game ‘Wild Blood' Unveiled

Unreal Engine-Powered Android Game ‘Wild Blood' Unveiled

After news surfaced that Gameloft was developing its first video game running on Epic Games’ propriety graphics technology, the Unreal Engine, the French video game company has finally pulled the curtain back on its mysterious Unreal project.

Dubbed Wild Blood, the dark fantasy-themed adventure was unveiled in the form of an unfortunately brief -- yet visually impressive -- debut trailer (which you can view below). The video opens with shots of several lush settings including (what appears to be) a floating metropolis, a church, and several towering stone knight statues, which are followed by the message “Be prepared to relive history.”

This seems to imply that the game is, at least very loosely, based on some sort of historical period. Though it’s unclear what history the trailer refers to as the very next scene depicts fantastical scenes featuring an array of monstrous beasts running towards the camera and a hulking ogre wielding a hammer.

While the teaser does offer our first glimpse of Wild Blood in action, Gameloft is being intentionally cryptic about what the game is about. Though, on its official Facebook page for the game they mention that there is a hidden hint in the video that sheds some light on Wild Blood’s storyline.

But if you can’t solve the mystery, another clue in the form of a piece of artwork will gradually be revealed as the trailer gets more views.

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by mrjesus

hola, cuando va a salir el juego de wild blood de android respondame por favor estoy ancioso de que salga

22 August 2012


by liu_kingbest082

veryvery good

15 August 2012

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