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Five New Tegra 4-Powered Games

Five New Tegra 4-Powered Games

During the Mobile World Congress this week in Barcelona, NVIDIA offered a glimpse at an upcoming slate of Android games in development for Tegra 4-equipped devices like ZTE’s new smartphones and NVIDIA's own Project Shield gaming platform.

A total of five Tegra 4 titles were shown during the event including Burn Zombie Burn, an over-the-top zombie shooter previously released for PlayStation 3 and PC that was generally well-received.

NVIDIA also showed off Dead on Arrival 2, a sequel to N3V Games’ post-apocalyptic shooter that features effects and visual flourishes enhanced by NVIDIA’s PhysX engine. A Tegra 4-optimized version of RU Golf was also shown as well as a new third-person adventure game titled Carie: Blood Mansion.

Perhaps the most promising game previewed was CODEX: The Warrior, a gritty, action-infused RPG brawler with visuals and gameplay in the vein of Infinity Blade.

Mobile World Congress 2013 is taking place right now in Barcelona, Spain and continues until Thursday, February 28.

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