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Zen Pinball THD

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NOTE: ZEN Pinball comes with the Sorcerer's Lair Table for free. Others including Star Wars themed tables are available as DLC purchases.

Available for the first time on any mobile platform, Zen Pinball THD harnesses the power of NVIDIA’s Tegra® family of mobile processors to produce a hyper-realistic, graphically-rich pinball gaming experience. The game sets a new standard for realistic ball physics and graphical detail in pinball video games employing cutting-edge visuals, challenging tables, true-to-life ball and table physics and combines them with innovative features not found in any other pinball game.

From the creators of Zen Pinball, Marvel Pinball, and Pinball FX2, comes Zen Pinball THD, the most exciting mobile pinball game experience available! Featuring interactive 3D models, the most advanced ball physics, rich social features and hot seat multiplayer, Zen Pinball THD continues the rich pinball tradition established by Zen Studios, the definitive leader in pinball videogames.

Zen Pinball THD is available for NVIDIA Tegra powered Android devices running Android 2.3 or greater!


  • FREE Table: Zen Pinball THD comes with the Sorcerer's Lair Table.
  • Star Wars Pinball Tables: Three Star Wars-themed Tables including Boba Fett, Clone Wars and The Empire Strikes Back
  • Marvel Pinball Tables: Critically acclaimed Marvel Tables including Fantastic Four are available as individual purchases!
  • Even More Tables: Zen Pinball THD is frequently updated with new tables that you can buy individually. Build your own custom pinball arcade within Zen Pinball THD!

"The quad-core fueled graphics and physics in Zen Pinball THD are simply incredible and represent the premier mobile pinball experience. You can only get that on devices built on Tegra 3."

— Mel Kirk, VP of Marketing, Zen Studios

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Comments and Ratings 166 Comments


by anonymous

f. gnh

04 February 2013

One of the best Tegra 3

by anonymous

Awesome on Nexus 7.

27 January 2013

Zen Pinball

by anonymous

By far the best pinball game available. love it.

20 January 2013

good original board

by anonymous

start board is awesome. I bought the xmen and avengers doc both a pretty terrible compared with sorcerers lair.

10 January 2013


by anonymous

WONDERFUL graphics. Lots of fun.

06 January 2013

Zen Pinball

by anonymous

Awesome game!

01 January 2013

Pinball enthousiasts

by anonymous

Pinball enthousiasts buy this product.

24 December 2012

favorite tablet game

by anonymous

best android pinball games on the market.

25 November 2012


by anonymous


18 November 2012

Very fun game!

by anonymous

Simple yet very fun and addictive game. Highly recommended, runs perfectly with no glitches.

16 November 2012

Excellent... But...

by anonymous

Excellent game. Plays well. Tables are detailed and interesting. I do have one problem with the display. The simulated led display on my Asus TF700 Infinity, does not display correctly. Shame.

14 November 2012

by anonymous

amazing pinball game. nexus7 without any problem:-)

23 October 2012

lag on tegra3

by anonymous

please fix

02 October 2012


by anonymous

works very well on tegra 2 but lags like heck on tegra 3 (fujitsu) please fix it!!!

27 September 2012

Amazing and fun

by anonymous

This is so much more than a simple pinball game and the support has answered Evey question and fixed every problem I had. It is very addicting, you have been warned.

18 September 2012


by anonymous


12 September 2012

Looks great, runs smooth

by VeritableHero

Played an hour of the free table and then I bought two more. Takes advantage of the Google Nexus 7 in every way while remaining fast and responsive.

06 September 2012

great game

by anonymous

best game on my tablet.

27 August 2012

Zen Pinball THD

by anonymous

I love pinball, considering buying al tables. Hope the gonna fix the thing with the action bar, when I turn the screen the game turns butt the action bar stays on one side.

21 August 2012

perfect pinball

by anonymous

we need more tables. great soundtrack, visuals, and play.

11 August 2012

By jay jay

by anonymous

very very cool ^^

11 August 2012

by anonymous

Very very cool !

11 August 2012

by anonymous


11 August 2012

transformer tf300t

by anonymous

game works great no glitches awesome graphics!

07 August 2012


by anonymous


04 August 2012


by anonymous


25 July 2012


by anonymous

great n N7.....smooth, very smootg

25 July 2012

Runs perfectly....

by anonymous

But could come with at least one more free table.

22 July 2012

I own all of the tables!

by anonymous

Simply awesome and highly addictive!

22 July 2012

best pinball around

by anonymous

i just love it.

14 July 2012

no glitch.

by anonymous

very good game. it runs smoothly and no tech problem yet. Good game

10 July 2012

Zen Pinball THD

by anonymous

Super Fun Addictive Game, Keeps You Busy & Challenging .

03 July 2012

by anonymous


01 July 2012

Zen pinball thd

by anonymous

I want to download this game

30 June 2012

by anonymous

this is the best pinball game ever keep up the good work guys

29 June 2012


by anonymous

It is cool

24 June 2012


by anonymous

The ball physics are pretty flawed, but nice graphics. not bad overall.

22 June 2012

Awesome game. So polished

by anonymous

I own this on ipad and xbox 360,and I love all 3. Such a fun and entertaining game.

09 June 2012


by anonymous

Awesome sound & great graphics. This is easily the best Android pinball game!

09 June 2012

by anonymous

HTC One x well-run,the best pinball game

28 May 2012


by anonymous

Just get this,,,,,now! Works flawlessly, Acer A100 ICS,

26 May 2012

HTC one x lag

by anonymous

it lags on HTC one x tegra 3 version otherwise great game

12 May 2012


by anonymous

love it. best pinball game since the real thing

11 May 2012


by anonymous

Really amazing

09 May 2012

good waste of time

by anonymous

i play this constantly when i have time to burn. great game

07 May 2012

galaxy 10.1

by anonymous

works smoothly, not my cup of tea, but still gr8 pinball game for those who like pinball games

30 April 2012


by anonymous


26 April 2012

jerky gameplay

by anonymous

game runs really jerky on my new HTC one x but it looks good

24 April 2012


by uranoustomb

The graphics and the level of detail is impressive not mention how smooth the game play is.

23 March 2012

by fun on a bun

awesome gaming...but its easy to tell this is still below what could be.many errors, then you can play for awhile, then force closes. transformer

21 March 2012

Zen pinball THD

by makoy


19 March 2012

by nomaden

digger flipper spill

16 March 2012

Getting Buggy

by Brammy

Is my favorite game but getting really buggy on the transformer prime. Home button never fails to shut it down amongst other annoyances.

08 March 2012

Issues on Epic table

by Kngarthur

Zen THD was playing great on Asus Transformer but when I purchased the Epic table, I get an error after download complete and have to try again.. Cannot locate a customer contact link anywhere.

03 March 2012

by tonysin

very nice game

25 February 2012


by Veronica

A whole new level of playing pinball game! Love the interactive characters & mini games as you play along. Great sound effects & superb graphics. Simply brilliant!!

24 February 2012

great game

by machinist


23 February 2012


by TgUnNz

really fun game

21 February 2012


by Brent

love this game, play it all the time

20 February 2012

Zen Pinball thd


it seems like a cool game

19 February 2012


by pax

im a pinball wizard amd this is the best one i have played. graphics are perfect and the hd really shows on my optimus pad

17 February 2012

so close to awesome!

by Jess

I really enjoy on Acer A100. my big complaint is the action bar stays on the side when playing vertically instead of re-positioning to the bottom of screen. often accidentally pulling you out of game

16 February 2012

Awesome Game

by BigSlam123

Awesome game on my Xoom. I buy every table the moment its released but Confused as to why the description says that you can use the gamestop controller when no option exists.

13 February 2012

Zen pinball pwns!!!!

by bacon

I have some of these tables on my ps3. now I can play on the go. Thank you Zen!

11 February 2012

Top Notch!

by Kabump

Love it! Zen pinball does it right!

04 February 2012

The best pinball game

by fun

Just like old times, i love it! Request for a spiderman pinball game that would be cool

03 February 2012


by uchyl


02 February 2012

just great

by Rincewind

Ive been playing pinball since I was a kid and this is as close as you can get on a tab. Awesome pinball fun

01 February 2012

Zen Pinball THD

by Roxy

good game mann!!!

31 January 2012

Free table

by Ron

Superb, geest action

30 January 2012

Excalibur- Awesome

by codebluechris

Excellent addition to the game, with challenging modes and cool storylines. Keep it up!

29 January 2012

Man I love this game.!

by Best mobile pinball!

works great on my transformer. I freed up some ram and disabled background processes which made it run much better.

29 January 2012


by lowbot

this is incredibly fun

28 January 2012


by lbl


27 January 2012

Love It

by FastEddy

This is the first game that convinced me to shell out real money through the market - and it was worth it.

25 January 2012

Tegra 3 play

by boba feets

Works AWESOME. Play is addictive as heck. even the free map is well worth trying. thor map is decent and wolverine map is my favorite.

25 January 2012

Excalibur Table

by BillyBoy

Not As Good As The Others! Forget Multi Ball! Impossible!

22 January 2012


by mTc

I love this game...

22 January 2012

great job

by microcyb

good design and game play

20 January 2012

by haitutumax

super cool

20 January 2012

Zen pinball THD

by Jimmy

I like it.:-)

19 January 2012

sweet game

by dbrook1976

love this game

17 January 2012


by yes


15 January 2012


by cycogod

bad ass

13 January 2012


by king


13 January 2012

pauses itself

by steph

game pauses itself for no reason, no buttons on the pad touched. very annoying. sometimes doesn`t flip paddle when touching the screen. would be really nice if not for the annoyances.

08 January 2012

Well done.

by Aaron.

The inteface is resposive and possibly a tiny bit counter intuitive... but it is cetainly sharp looking. The pinball physics seem a bit dodgey.... Great overall.

07 January 2012

awesome and sweet game

by shalonda

I love this game cause its so much fun to play and it deserves four stars

07 January 2012


by shalonda

I think this game is awesome and I recommend everyone getting it and play it because its awesome

07 January 2012

by Frens

exciting,one of the best I`ve ever seen

06 January 2012


by alpha Droid

great game good graphics works amazing on the G2x!

05 January 2012


by dr0id

love it

05 January 2012

This rocks

by fun

I love this pinball game, realistic full action, bought the rest after seeing the first free table. Hope they will make new tables soon. Spidey would be cool

05 January 2012

by donblaze

nice game

04 January 2012

by mom

not work well on asus transformer

03 January 2012

best pinball game!

by mjybarr

very colorful, smooth, and addictive!

01 January 2012

Zen pinball thd

by bigtlopez

feels like the real thing. fun game, great graphics

01 January 2012


by radwan


01 January 2012

So Enjoyable!

by TheLakeBodom

I bought my Transformer Prime thinking i would be action packed games such as GTA3 and Shadowgun. This game really surprised me! Pinball has never been so fun, and attractive. Def recommend!!

29 December 2011

nice game

by san

nice game

27 December 2011


by diggerlan

good game

24 December 2011

Really fun on a tablet

by Reznnate

Great physics and table design make Zen pinball better than a real machine.

24 December 2011


by carolinawil

after the update, my Wolverine table freeze after Ball one is done. Just bought the new table today! Please help or fix problem with update

23 December 2011


by Anonymous

sehr gut der beste lippert den es gibt

22 December 2011

New Tables

by msulew

when should expect new tables...?

21 December 2011


by lionheart777

Another excellent pinball game. Thanks for adding it to Android.

19 December 2011

Great pinball-game

by Bakkelaar


19 December 2011


by elkotan


18 December 2011


by Bodies_CI5

Nostalgic tears, just like Pinball Fantasy on Amiga!

16 December 2011


by Larc

love the free table, will be buying the others. i hope the street fighter table comes soon!

16 December 2011


by joel

needs more tables added!

15 December 2011

best pinball game out

by glazed

well first of your looking for that pinball feel game this is it i love nvidia and will say chose them over apple coz they are gonna be way better just have to wait a little longer its worth the wait

14 December 2011


by alfalfalaffa

increadably realistic pinball simulator that almost feels like your at the arcade, and its free!!

14 December 2011

More Tables

by Sctee

Bring the PS3 tables over too. very good user experience on a tablet

13 December 2011


by Aesop

should improve graphics

12 December 2011


by Aesop

very nice game.should have improved with the graphics

12 December 2011

ok game

by nice, failing bal physics

great design of the pinball machine. unfortunately, ball physics are not perfect, which is the key requirement for the perfect pinball game!

11 December 2011

by pin

very cool game on acer iconia tab. more tables please.

11 December 2011

Great game

by Panda

its a great game with good physics. now all it needs is more themes.

10 December 2011

great pinball game

by Acatraz

runs great on my thrive

09 December 2011

Zen pinball

by Jane

Works great on Galaxy Tab 10.1!

07 December 2011

Zen Pinball THD

by rags

all this tables for free!! wow..

07 December 2011


by Kimnjer

Very cool pinball game. Addicting.

07 December 2011


by Ekurtz215

Awesome gameplay,refined physics on my G2x. The tables are beautiful with detailed graphics and many surprises as you play. Ultra realistic on a mini scale. Zen and Tegra hit a homerun.

06 December 2011


by pteecha


05 December 2011

great pinball

by jacross

awesome game. works perfect on my eee pad. bought the extra tables, well worth a few bucks. hope more types of table are released in the future. some more traditional tables would be cool.

04 December 2011

perfect but buggy

by boris

when interplay is finished flippers on main table stop to react and game is over

04 December 2011

Great pinball game

by Sem


04 December 2011

Bring em

by Kcpinballfan

Beautiful graphics, great overall game, as I said on the market if they could somehow move the task bar away from my fingers in portrait I would give 5 stars. I know they have spiderman, release it :)

04 December 2011

zen pinball

by Micke


03 December 2011

Better rhan Pinball HD

by Me

Better than Pinball HD for Tegra

03 December 2011


by dampie

beste pinball game die ik heb gehad!!!

03 December 2011

by h2onsand


02 December 2011

Best Pinball period

by Johnny M

Very close to PS3 version! Sharp graphics and clear sound. Get it!

02 December 2011


by fredysoto


02 December 2011

no 1

by rush

excellent graphics

02 December 2011

Best soansformer far

by rednael

Lovely on my transformer

02 December 2011

My self

by Yasser Abbas


02 December 2011

Best pinball game ever

by dfbonnell

love the graphics, great game. but how you get the other two?

01 December 2011


by vosg

Brilliant game. Super smooth, great gameplay, stunning graphics.

01 December 2011


by Jon

Really great pinball game, excellent graphics and gameplay

01 December 2011

Zen Pinball

by nsaint

Very good

01 December 2011


by AZBigPhil

Really nice game, beautiful grafix,very responsive on my Toshiba Thrive.Please release 1 or 2 more free ones, keep up the good job.

30 November 2011

by CPTmayhem

Fred nice looking indepth pinball! Love it!

30 November 2011

free pinball

by Jeff vader

this is a must have game .....love it

30 November 2011


by Irvin


30 November 2011


by Jordon mcdonnell


30 November 2011

super slick

by Steve10101970

runs sooper smooth on XOOM, great graphics, great physics, great game play. more tables please!

30 November 2011

Awesome game

by Mr. Bell

Way to put a new spin on an old school game! Controls work great and graphic are amazing. 4 stars because nothing if perfect...T-mobile G2X...

30 November 2011

Zen Pinball THD

by Dirck

Goood!! on my Acer A500

30 November 2011


by harshal

good graphics.To gud 2 be free

30 November 2011

Zen Pinball THD

by Kauz

it is a smooth DH game, but only just begins to show what Tegra can man, Tegra I would pay big bucks for a fast paced fighting game like Dragonballz on PS3 or anything near that.

30 November 2011

The best mobile pinball

by Will

Looks and plays fantastic, is very close to the console version

30 November 2011

Best of 2011

by ronin6

Nagyon komoly grafika,zene tokeletes, jatekmenet nagyon jo, talan kicsit konnyu is. Asus transformer

30 November 2011


by JuanC

its nice to play, very hard to keep track of the ball.

30 November 2011


by Eglathangion

Download works through browser Market. Game is absolutely beautiful brilliant. Will wait a bit before buying add on tables though.

30 November 2011

best game

by Anonymous

thx for the game%5Cn

30 November 2011

Best pinball on android

by Stick

Title says it all.

29 November 2011


by Drifter5

Exceptionally smooth game play on my transformer! Love it so far!

29 November 2011

best pinball game ever!

by scocho

I got to 18,000,000 on single player. this game is sickkkk

29 November 2011

Best pinball game on the

by zorbsie

almost the exact experience of the console version. Controls are great and sharp fluid graphics.

29 November 2011

You can keep it.

by fang5

First off, you only get one table. The kiddie table. Why show pictures of stuff you do not get?

29 November 2011

by larafinga

good game

29 November 2011


by free

good game

29 November 2011

Slick pinball game

by codebluechris

Runs like a champ on Transformer. Smooth play. Just one suggestion- add playlist option for music so we can listen to our own tunes.

29 November 2011


by Lefunkay

Great game, Zen Studios continue their pinball legacy from other platforms in this Android outing. The free table is great fun, the two separately bought Marvel show a love for pinball and the source.

29 November 2011

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