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Trainz Simulator THD

3D Stereo
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Note: This title is currently exclusive to TABLET DEVICES ONLY and will not available for phones.

The performance of NVIDIA® Tegra® and its dual-core CPU allows for much more streamlined gameplay and greater visual experience. In addition, Trainz Simulator THD takes advantage of Tegra enhanced features like bump mapping, specular, and dynamic lighting throughout.

Build and operate the railroad of your dreams.

We are pleased to give each and every Android Tablet user the opportunity to have Trainz at your fingertips. With Trainz custom built input system to get the most out of the touch functionality you'll find driving Trains, laying tracks, creating layouts and completing scheduled tasks a breeze. Trainz Simulator THD is packed full of content, routes and sessions to give you the best Train experience on any mobile platform. Trainz Simulator THD is a world first for Android!

Trainz Simulator THD includes everything you need to build and operate your own dream railroad. You can build a fun layout in minutes, faithfully recreate a railroad from days gone by or develop a fully fledged prototypical route; the choice is yours.


  • Touch input makes driving Trains, laying tracks, creating layouts and completing scheduled tasks a breeze.
  • More Accessible! Take Trainz with you anytime, anywhere.
  • Drive Loads of Trains.
  • Operate a complete working rail line.
  • Build and customize your own living railroad using our advanced route creation tool called "Surveyor".
  • Trainz Simulator THD offers advance visual effects such as lighting, weather effects, fog, higher detail Trains, beautiful water, increase performance and 2 new routes with all new sessions.

“With the help of Tegra 2 and its dual-core CPU technology it allows us to place Trainz and its full set of features like Surveyor and Driver on the Android Market.Tegra 2 has given us more power for advanced features like weather effects, fog, more advanced lighting, beautiful water, higher detailed locos and addition Trainz content.”

— Paul Olsen, Studio Head, N3V Games

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Comments and Ratings 51 Comments

its good and best:-)

by anonymous

no comment

17 August 2012

Wrong price

by anonymous

Fun game, but the price shown here is $3 less than the actual price for the game.

22 July 2012

by anonymous

Auran has left Android phones in the cold

21 July 2012

wrong price

by anonymous

wrong price in the tegra zone. also I know I bough this on my last device but it is showing up as buy it again on my new device

21 July 2012


by Jordan


14 December 2011


by zoidberg

works perfectly after the last update, very good game

11 December 2011


by joe

just great. my 4 year-old son loves it and so do I.

18 November 2011


by steve

good game

17 November 2011


by Nayef mohy

gd but difficult to use waay harder for a first time player

09 November 2011


by Nayef mohy

gd but hard

09 November 2011

good but could be better

by Doodaa

Game play is good but in one of the tutorials, I am supposed to use external camera to change tracks. No external camera is available. Not happy that I paid money for the game and this happens!

31 October 2011

no phone support

by Patrick

i had this on a acer a500, but sold acer. got motorola atrix now and it does not install google market claims not for this device. WHY

27 October 2011

Too many bugs

by KC

would be better if they fix all the bugs, starting with the training mode and many more

24 October 2011


by DrChuckles

Excellent game really enjoyable gameplay can be difficult at times but perseverance is a must.

24 October 2011

trainz simulator thz

by jose

good very good game

13 October 2011

nice game

by perfect time pass

lags like hell at times on the gtablet

12 October 2011


by Shams923

i want it for free:-P

12 October 2011


by kev

Beautiful graphics, fun Juanst driving around and admiring the excellent settings. My boy also loves playing this game.

12 October 2011

Good with some bugs

by Dakkota

It works well, but there are some bigs. I setup some track crossings and now the gates are always working in surveyor. Can this be fixed?

11 October 2011


by joe

very nice game.

07 October 2011

All right needs a update

by linuxguru

Major bugs, many many problem but a good time killer. As long yoh just want to joyride around.

27 September 2011

Still only a beta release

by Magani

I own a number of PC versions of Trainz and this version is not yet ready for prime time. It has bugs and hangs too often on my ASUS Transformer.

24 September 2011


by Anonymous

good game

16 September 2011


by ryanmc

difficult to play because the view dissapear, or dont work correctly.

15 September 2011

Fun trainz game

by Xingyun

Nice game! Btw do you have ship simulator?

15 September 2011

works perfect

by cool

it works at 59 frames per second, xperia arc !! sweet

15 September 2011


by Sk1

Make available for photon 4g please

12 September 2011

top quality

by fridgebrain

awesome game. wonder if and dlc will be available.

11 September 2011

buggy rubbish

by biggav

How on earth are they alloud to sell this ?

09 September 2011

by Anonymous


09 September 2011


by ArNoOkIe

really nice game. buy it now!!!!!!!!!!!!!

31 August 2011

Make it for phones

by Il italiano

What about people who have tegra2 phones? Come on dev

29 August 2011


by jamikest

This game is extremely buggy, to the point that the tutorials do not work correctly. Funny, this only has 3 stars on the Android market, et shows 4 here in the Tegra Zone...

28 August 2011

Top marks

by Eglathangion

Excellent use of the tablet medium. Love every minute

22 August 2011

please add phone support

by gaffa

motorola atrix

20 August 2011

Tablet only?

by Sirfoxelot

what about us with Terra smartphone????

13 August 2011


by hamann

great games and graphic

07 August 2011

please add phone support

by sak

atrix 4g

06 August 2011


by DaDon

We need some electric passenger trains

03 August 2011

Big fun

by ace

Loving this on my Gal Tab 10.1!!

03 August 2011

by ras

more people have phone than tablet ..dat sucks?

01 August 2011


by ArNoOkIe

very nice game superb. :0)

30 July 2011


by Dunc2907

very payable and easy to get into

30 July 2011


by ArNoOkIe

Very smart game / sim cool. :0)

29 July 2011


by Duc Anh


28 July 2011


by vincent

awesome game, just perfect:)

24 July 2011

Great game

by TrainMan

Excellant, easy to use game.

23 July 2011


by Souljasteve84

This game is awesome just like PC version I love it :)

22 July 2011


by gtech1984

great game I love the graphics!!!!

22 July 2011


by vincent

this game is f*cking awesome!!!

22 July 2011


by 5


21 July 2011


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