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SoulCraft THD

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SoulCraft THD is an optimized version for NVIDIA Tegra devices including SHIELD. If you have been a hunter in enough dungeon crawlers and feel like you have been a warrior for all eternity already, answer the call, fight for the torchlight of hope, do your duty and choose to be a legendary hero in the action role playing game SoulCraft THD.

With humans on the brink to discover the secret of eternal life, angels and evil demons make a pact to proclaim the apocalypse to be able to materialize into the real world, fight the humans for victory and keep the circle of life intact. SoulCraft lets you play as an angel (with humans and demons coming soon) – it is up to you who will win this fight. May it be diablo in hell, god in heaven or the human race in this war of heroes directly on earth.

SoulCraft is being developed by the small indie game studio MobileBits. The game is still in development and we hope you will take this chance to shape this free game with us together to make it a real top pick and award winning game with lots of prizes. We will constantly add lots of stuff (locations, character, spells, items and more) and we will use your feedback to decide what to do next.


  • Now supports ICS (Android 4.x)
  • Free to play Action RPG
  • Play in real locations such as Venice and Hamburg with more locations coming soon including New York, Tokyo and Washington.
  • Play as an Angel now with more races including Demon and Human coming soon.
  • Five different game modes including time run, arena, hellgate, crystal defense and boss fight.
  • Lots of different and diversified enemies, weapons and spells.

"SoulCraft THD includes Tegra differentiation including HD environments, HD characters, animated backgrounds, global particles and physicalized effects."

— Karsten Wysk, CEO, MobileBits

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Comments and Ratings 56 Comments

soulcraft thd

by anonymous


24 September 2012


by Bradgts

My lg g2x runs it great love the game except for the freezing during loading always have to force close please fix.

06 September 2012


by anonymous


03 September 2012


by anonymous


02 September 2012

Great game

by anonymous


30 August 2012


by anonymous

Playing on Asus TF300T. Does not work with GameStop bluetooth controller, which is the only reason I downloaded it. Otherwise, it seems okay.

29 August 2012


by anonymous

it is a nice game

21 August 2012


by anonymous

The inventory (equip, sell, buy, stats, and so on) is discombobulating. The game play is just boring. It is an arena game and goes no where.

21 August 2012


by anonymous

من جنبها مدري شنو السالفه

20 August 2012

معهم معهم

by anonymous

عليهم عليهم

20 August 2012

Great graphics and such..

by anonymous

But its just not fun! Not only is it freemium which I disapprove of altogether, the only playable character is completely bland and expectable. In a field of games like diablo 3 its just not enough.

29 July 2012


by anonymous


23 July 2012


by anonymous

must use nvidia processor? i use galaxy tab 2

09 July 2012


by anonymous

have a trying

05 July 2012


by anonymous


23 June 2012

nice control games !!!!!

by anonymous

nice control games !!!!!

09 June 2012


by anonymous


06 June 2012


by anonymous


29 May 2012

asus transformer prime

by anonymous

loading bar takes longer to load than the levels are long....5 min loading...30 seconds of addition your last update erased all my progress... money, gear stars if i could.

26 May 2012

pay for things

by anonymous

You should of mentioned that there is a in game store that requires money.

24 May 2012


by anonymous


22 May 2012

good start

by anonymous

very ice graphics. detailed inventory. responsive controls.

21 May 2012

by anonymous


18 May 2012


by anonymous

Not worth the effort

11 May 2012


by anonymous

it will not work on my samsung galaxy 10.1 because of the new update. help. nice game

24 April 2012

Promising Game

by anonymous

Great fun game...cant wait for the final product

23 April 2012

Great game, gorgeous

by anonymous

Great gameplay, awesome graphics, upgrades cost money unless you grind ingame currency. Reminiscent of diablo, and with diablo 3 coming out, I recommend this for your mobile fix.

22 April 2012

soul craft thd update?

by anonymous

the updated version will not let me play. This is how grown men cry. please fix for my samsung galaxy 10.1 i give the rating a 4

21 April 2012

nice game

by streak42

really cool and amazing graphics

02 April 2012

OK Game

by Tegra3

Tegra 3 runs this smooth as silk, however the game is repetitive and is pointless after you clear the first level.

31 March 2012


by vergel


28 March 2012

doesnt work 4 me

by samamoskee

I have lg optimus x2 tegra 2 phone and wen i try to enter the market to download the game it says its not compatible to play the game!!pls help!!

22 March 2012


by minzawoo

like is

19 March 2012


by KcGanja

Simply perfect game ;)

13 March 2012

glitching problems

by solemnfate

game glitches on my Acer iconia tablet, I really love the idea though, keep up the good work and get this fixed!

11 March 2012

wicked idea

by drewmagoo

awesome graphics and sound, reminds me a little of diablo.. could have bigger levels and more items and such. but all in all one of a kind i hope it gets developed well as it needs more work. worth it

08 March 2012


by FelEll

Awesome game

07 March 2012

Not bad


At times a little choppy, but otherwise, very addictive.

02 March 2012

So so


the gameplay is brilliant,grafics are awesome but thare is one annoying problem.....RANDOM FORCE CLOSE! !! optimus 2x

28 February 2012


by sonicboom

menu pops up two or three times during game play, also no way to explore.

26 February 2012

spot lovet

by anahi


26 February 2012


by jkpokee

works good on ics on my prime

15 February 2012


by rony

nice game

15 February 2012

Did learning curve

by Soul2take

Is giving me probs loading and flickering on my Droid are amazing and I love all ur games%5C%2Fapps...I have nothing bad to say about you!! Keep up the GREAT work!

14 February 2012

Great game!

by ShaneDiNozzo

Keep up the good work! :-) (Galaxy Tab 10.1 P7500)

09 February 2012


by Zencala

Repetition is not the key, when i first saw this game, I thought it would be a free roaming type game, but all you do is use two onscreen joysticks to perform actions and it is repetitive.

06 February 2012


by kurzer1r

for beta its great game i just hoped the fighting mechanism was a little faster

04 February 2012

Just ahack and slash

by Anonymous

Graphics aregreat but the game play lacks. You start by fighting 6 -8 monsters as a level one.No real objectives.

03 February 2012


by Nuen

It is a pretty good game for a beta.

02 February 2012

almost great

by mike

It has a lot of potential but the fact that you have to aim tobdo melee damage with a large sledgehammer instead of simply hitting the attack button takes a lot away from the gameplay.

01 February 2012

not bad

by elton

the game play mechanics are not too shaby. the game needs work but its still I beta so what do you expect. being able to substitute gold with souls is a nice touch for those of us who are cheap ;)

30 January 2012




26 January 2012

by Anonymous

Nice game good graphics. A bit redundant but still awesome!

21 January 2012

by Anonymous

Great game

13 January 2012


by Matinee

Great game, some learning difficulties to master.

12 January 2012

SoulCraft THD beta

by jtbnbc

So far the beta rocks on the Asus Transformer tf101

10 January 2012

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