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RU Golf THD was built specifically to take advantage of additional optimizations exclusively for Tegra 4 including effects such as bloom, lens flare, motion blur, realistic water, and high resolution textures. Play it on NVIDIA SHIELD!

RU Golf is an easy to pick-up-and-play game that offers both single and multiplayer modes, various levels, and character customizing features.


  • Full 3D multi-battle game! More fun with more people!
  • Create your own differentiated character with various creative and fashionable costumes!
  • Swing golf clubs or design your own. Even use umbrellas and bats!

"With Tegra 3 performance and capabilities, RU Golf THD provides the best golf game experience with your Tegra 3 devices. Nutgee Studio is pleased to work with NVIDIA to deliver Tegra-enhanced games."

— Soulkey kim, CTO, nutgee Inc.

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No Single Player

by anonymous

The graphics as always for Tegra, fantastic. It was a downer that after I purchased it, I realized it is multiplayer only. I would truly love some single player levels. Not a true golf game without.

26 February 2013


by anonymous


30 January 2013

Great Golf Game for Tegra

by anonymous

A golf game that is easy to get into with excellent graphics and replay value.

11 January 2013

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