Riptide GP
Vector Unit

Riptide GP

Controller 3D Stereo
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Designed from the ground up to take full advantage of your NVIDIA® Tegra® powered phone or tablet, Riptide GP features super-realistic water physics, real-time reflections, and gorgeous high-detail vehicles and environments.

Riptide GP is the first ever console-quality water racing game for mobile, created by Vector Unit, the developers of Xbox 360 hit Hydro Thunder Hurricane.

Rev up your supercharged jet ski and take a wild ride through twisting canals and rivers, futuristic cityscapes, and mysterious research facilities. Skill, stunts, and speed will be your best allies as you grab massive air off huge waves, kick out death-defying tricks, and boost your jet ski to victory across a dynamic, ever-changing torrent of foam and spray.


The ultimate console-quality mobile racing experience just got even more console-y! Now you can kick back on your couch and play Riptide GP with your Bluetooth or USB gamepad. (USB gamepads only supported on Android 3.1 or higher.)


  • Designed specifically for phones and tablets using NVIDIA’s Tegra 2, the world’s first mobile superchip.
  • Bluetooth and USB gamepad support.
  • Explore 12 twisting, futuristic water raceways.
  • Unlock and master 6 screaming fast jet skis.
  • 3 game modes: Race, Hot Lap, and Championship.
  • Grab massive air and perform dramatic stunts to earn boost.
  • Alter your environment mid-race with interactive triggers.
  • Earn Achievements, post to Leaderboards, and race against your Friends' best split times with integrated OpenFeint™ support.
  • Easy and fun to pick up and play – delightfully challenging to master.

"With Tegra 2, we've been able to create a watercross racing experience that combines sophisticated physics simulations with console-class visuals."

— Ralf Knoesel, Technical Director, Vector Unit

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Comments and Ratings 122 Comments


by anonymous


08 October 2012

tf101 no longer run

by anonymous

since upgrade to ics 4.0.1 it forced close

31 July 2012

Good buy

by anonymous

Nice for showing performance of the tablet. Works also good with gamepad. On TV looks stunning.

30 June 2012

Nice 3D

by eastazure

I play this in 3D using the HDMI out on my Asus Transformer. The 3D is sweet and the game play is awesome.

12 March 2012


by md7ebert

I bought this game expecting an ordinary racing game, but later found I could not put it down.

05 March 2012


by Transformer Prime

This game is amazing on Transformer Prime. The graphics, water movement, water splashing on the screen, and the music makes this the best tablet game available. Also, I love using a controller with it

02 March 2012

Ton of quick fun!

by Josh Melling

Awesome performance on TF201

28 February 2012

its ok

by Jared

overated. But it is a solid racer

25 February 2012


by tf2o1


22 February 2012

I love it

by anonymous

keep making game wit controller compatibility

09 February 2012

the best

by mj


01 February 2012

by skkybell23

This game is AWESOME on the Asus transformer prime 2.

10 January 2012


by Suenami13

Awesome game. Amazing graphics, smooth controlls on both bluetooth controllers and touchscreen. Running on Transformer Prime, flawlessly.

08 January 2012


by Asus transformer prime

Great graphics and sound. Fun game even if you beat everything

06 January 2012


by CLaP38

works and looks flawless on my asus transformer prime

27 December 2011

by harshal

grt graphics,multiplayer would hv been fun

10 December 2011


by acer

use controller to play on Acer is as good as ps3

08 December 2011

Get It

by Hamza

This is awsome.Must get it.

05 December 2011


by Anonymous

graphics and gameplay is amazing

30 November 2011


by huot


23 November 2011


by anonymous

A lot of play time, awesome graphics.

22 November 2011


by smary crazy


21 November 2011

Steven A

by best game

this is the best game I have ever played on a android

20 November 2011


by Scanman

Fantastic looking game but had to unistall and refund. Wouldnt stear [l%5C%2Fr] on my Asus transformer...oh well...I give it 3 stares for looks alone...

17 November 2011

great game

by steve michael

love this game so far. the graphics are simply gorgeous. controls real well also. transformer tablet

15 November 2011

by harshal

wish d game was free

12 November 2011


by Ricochet

Very impressive graphics and played flawlessly on my Toshiba Thrive.

09 November 2011


by XXKingBeeXX

Plays beautiful on Acer iconia love it!!!

02 November 2011

smooth as a sausage

by knightlore

smooth as a sausage

02 November 2011

by Anonymous

Good game

28 October 2011

Awesome graphics!

by Arun01

I love this game.We need more games like this.!!

27 October 2011


by Jon

Mega, Awsome, Brill, Sausage Roll. Amazing console graphics, no slow down in play, fast fast, fast...

26 October 2011


by Doug

Fun game. Great graphics and awesome controls. Being able to connect my Xbox controller to my tablet is awesome!

23 October 2011


by Subtracted

Totally worth the money, and quality game in all aspects! Runs perfectly in high quality on my Transformer.

19 October 2011

Awsome game

by Daniel

By far the best graphics on a phone game

18 October 2011


by Aesop

great game

17 October 2011

Pair it with PS3 Control

by jose

a Bluetooth sixaxis works PERFECTLY with this game on a tablet. just WOW! keep it up!

14 October 2011

free game

by slater

it sounds like fun

13 October 2011


by raindayz

works great on tf101

11 October 2011

great game

by aida

one of the best games so far

04 October 2011


by Kevin

Works great with the asus eee pad transformer.

04 October 2011


by Beenstoned

amazing on Toshiba thrive

03 October 2011

Really Fun!

by Mercury

This game looks beautiful on the Sony Tablet S! Really fun, too!

03 October 2011


by Anonymous

playing on galaxy s non tegra :)

02 October 2011

Great game, needs control

by Krisaim

Great game but needs controls other than usb control. On screen controls would be cool in an update.

02 October 2011

by Joe

Works awesome on Xoom

26 September 2011

One of the few

by Bloodagent

This game is one of the few games that have good graphics and have a high fun factor. I recommend this to everyone. Plays great on my Xoom.

23 September 2011

Cool !!!

by romanych

cool game, great graphics. But need more tracks

18 September 2011

tilt controlls suck

by ryanmc

game looks good but is difficult to control because it uses tilt controlls and they are not very good.

15 September 2011

excellent buy

by stuart

good graphics and sound. gave tegra a good workout.

13 September 2011

Awesome game !

by Tegra fanatic!

I have been such a fan of just about everything that tegra has been doing with android and vector unit + tegra in this game especially awesome! Great work!

12 September 2011

Great game:-)

by MyK

so fun. reminds me of waverace 64

12 September 2011

riptide awesome

by donny

this realy awesome game !!!

11 September 2011

good game

by wow

this is really nice game, I love it!

08 September 2011

Awesome game

by Justin

Fun game with such great graphics

08 September 2011


by vietnam pro

good game

01 September 2011



grrrreat game

01 September 2011

great game

by p slim

this game is fun and challenging

29 August 2011

great game

by Timmy

great graphics. Works great on iconia

28 August 2011

awesome game

by khalaf

wow... amazing graphics and cool gameplay

27 August 2011

wow this game is awesome

by lieum

gotta get this game

23 August 2011


by Lowizi

graphics and gameplay are insanely good!

20 August 2011


by Anonymous

great game play it all the time on my gtab

19 August 2011


by pk

amazing graphics

17 August 2011

Acer iconia

by hye aper

great game nice graphics

09 August 2011

sets the bar high

by luigi

this game is FLAWLESS on the EEE

07 August 2011


by me


27 July 2011

cool game

by Duc Anh

I like it lot of MB .

27 July 2011


by euark

good game

17 July 2011

Awesome Game

by q

Development responded quickly. Best game ever.

17 July 2011

I love

by ?????

really fun

16 July 2011

2 stars


2 stars

11 July 2011

riptide O- G

by anonymous

riptide O- G

11 July 2011


by chris

great game

11 July 2011


by beau1066

excellent time consumer...

07 July 2011


by varun

best game ever.....

30 June 2011

sweet game

by Anonymous

iphone has nothing that compares. well done game

29 June 2011


by hamann

best graphic n fun

25 June 2011

Great game

by Xavier

Best of the best

23 June 2011


by varun

the game is the best

17 June 2011


by xoom94

nice game!

11 June 2011


by Fredrik W

Great graphics and highly addictive

08 June 2011


by mimi

great game.. great price. Motorola xoom

07 June 2011

Bloody Fantastic

by Nashers

Excellent all round, Graphics, Tunage & Game play!

07 June 2011


by Anonymous

Fun game, very nice gameplay and graphics.

04 June 2011


by david

be sure to crank the resolution all the way up!

04 June 2011

5 Star

by Steve

Great game, really smooth graphics

02 June 2011


by sarthak

loved it, nice console quality graphics

01 June 2011


by JRFlurry

Simply amazing.

30 May 2011

riptide gp

by dima

riptide gp

30 May 2011


by Tony

Excellent game.

30 May 2011

riptide GT

by Anonymous

great game-runs great on iconia tablet!

28 May 2011


by Kidzukai

awesome game. nice graphics. good controls. loving it on my xoom.

27 May 2011

Awesome racer!

by dru

Loving the gfx and fun race style plus high scores

26 May 2011


by wow!

stunning graphics and a beast game!

26 May 2011


by Paulie

Awesome graphics. Fluid Gameplay. Win!

25 May 2011

Works well on sgs

by Ddd

Works well on sgs

24 May 2011


by abdielol

Amazing graphics and gameplay doea not disappoint!

23 May 2011

great game

by amelch05

great controls, best graphics yet on the xoom-

23 May 2011

great game

by Carlito

graphics, game are pretty sick

23 May 2011

The Shizzle

by Ray Luv

Best water racing game ever

23 May 2011

Graphics lacking gameplay

by Keith

Stunning graphics, boring gameplay.

22 May 2011


by kdubxoom

this is the best game hands down!

22 May 2011


by mav4234

Acer iconia-- good game, smooth graphics on high

22 May 2011

by BulletBob

Best game on the Xoom right now.

22 May 2011

by lil-siddi


22 May 2011


by mike

great controls and graphics!

22 May 2011

Riptide GP

by anonymous

Best game available on Xoom!

22 May 2011


by polo

Beautiful game for a phone.

21 May 2011


by skinnybear

awesome on my xoom

21 May 2011


by mike

amazing controls and graphics!

21 May 2011

Great graphics, super fun

by Mazzy

My iPad loser roomate is jealous

21 May 2011

bellissimo gioco

by riptide

21 May 2011

random pauses

by jboogie

the game randomly pauses. hate it!

21 May 2011

Riptide GP

by Manan B

Awesome superb very addicting and console quality

21 May 2011


by riptide gp

grafica stupendaaaaaa

21 May 2011


by jediah

what an amazing game for the xoom! keep em coming please!

21 May 2011

great game!

by xoom

runs Great no lag. controls are buttery smooth.

20 May 2011

super fun

by exume

been playing this game for hours since i downloaded it

20 May 2011

Best Looking Tegra Game

by TechJunkie

Oh yeah, it also plays great too.

20 May 2011


by Anonymous


20 May 2011

by rob

awesome game, great graphics

20 May 2011

Official Reviews 10 Reviews

Android Community

"You’ll find that not only is the game Riptide GP ... still an awesome game, we’ve got it updated to the newest version available and, what do you know, it’s got the ability to work with 3rd party controllers." Full article

Android Community

Riptide GP is a game that’s both massively impressive and expansive in its graphics and ultra-simple in its gameplay. Full article


Riptide GP for NVIDIA Tegra 2 devices is graphically rich and addicting to play Full article

Android Police

Riptide GP proves what Tegra 2 and Android are capable of doing Full article


Riptide GP could be described as a spiritual successor to some of the classic jet-ski games of the past like Wave Race. Full article


I had no idea the sort of juice these Tegra 2-powered devices could pump out. The age of console-quality Android gaming is upon us, and Riptide GP is one hell of a good start. Full article

Booya Gadget

WOW! riptide GP is incredible....If you are at all into racing games, Riptide GP is a must-have. Full article


We haven't been able to put it down. If you are looking for a mobile game with that "wow factor" then look no further than this one. Full article


The frame rate, details, and polish of this game are unlike anything this editor has ever seen on a game for a mobile device to date. Riptide GP for Tegra platform truly is a console quality experience. Full article

Android Police

"Luckily, one of my favorite Tegra games, Riptide GP, recently received an update that brought support for USB controllers to the table. Additionally, if you have a Tegra device and don't have Riptide installed, then you're missing out." Full article

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