Meltdown on Mars THD
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Meltdown on Mars THD

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The swarm is arriving...get ready for the final encounter! Designed to take full advantage of the graphics capabilities of your NVIDIA® Tegra® powered phone or tablet, Meltdown on Mars THD features realistic particle effects like smoke, gas and explosions, gorgeous high-detail enemies and environments, and real-time lighting effects.

Meltdown on Mars THD is an action tower-defense style game where the player has to defend himself using turrets, barricades and his own weapons. The game is divided into waves and within each wave the player is attacked by more and more difficult groups of aliens. Can you survive the meltdown?


  • NVIDIA Tegra Enhancements: Realistic particle effects, real-time lighting.
  • Highly-detailed enemies and environments
  • Populary tower-defense style game meets action shooter.

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Comments and Ratings 23 Comments


by anonymous


31 July 2012


by anonymous


27 July 2012

Love this game!!

by anonymous

a really nice game for tegra 2 only downside is no save option

11 May 2012


by anonymous


02 May 2012


by anonymous


30 April 2012

has potential

by simon

no save or continue option. Ridiculous

28 March 2012


by simon

no continue or save option???? Stratagy????? price OK but could use work

12 March 2012


by Don Draper

I expected so muhc more

10 March 2012

crashes far too often

by gyrper1

fun, but far to many crashes. that is not cool.

08 March 2012


by user

good to play

06 March 2012


by breakaway

fun game really nice wut id expect for 4$

05 March 2012

spam for moderation

by G.W.B

rad spams u

29 February 2012


by G.W.B


29 February 2012


by G.W.B


29 February 2012

No Controller support?

by mmeddo

Bring on the Gamepad support Devs!

29 February 2012

Has potential

by Himmat

Been looking forward to this game. It has done flaws, but once worked out the game will be complete. example: no save game feature and not much strategy involved.

28 February 2012

i feel so bad for thumbst

by G.W.B

this developer is so good. first title, t-racer was one of pioneering titles for tegra devices. it recieved 3star reviews from users with low performing devices like the xoom tab. now same again. SAD.

27 February 2012

crappy sound, doinky

by al mon

crappy poor sound. no attempt to make quality sounds that match the action. also misleading, this game is Tetra 3 only. needs work, consider this a beta unfinished release

26 February 2012

Is it worth it?

by Wes R.

How does everyone like it? I would like to see a Red Alert game come out!!! COMMAND AND CONQUER!!! make Red Alert 2

25 February 2012


by glazed

awsome been waiting for months now its finnaly here dowload now 4 shore

25 February 2012

poor gameplay

by stitchmeister

decent graphics. poor gameplay. disapponted....

25 February 2012


by stitchmeister

okay graphics. poor gameplay.

24 February 2012

transformer prime

by smoke

a little slow at first ...... gets fun later...takes some time to figure out what it is that you are suppose to be and pretty :p

24 February 2012

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