Middle Manager of Justice
Double Fine Productions

Middle Manager of Justice

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Somewhere between GOOD and EVIL... Between ORDER and CHAOS... Between UPPER MANAGEMENT and the SENIOR STAFF... You'll find the glue that holds it all together: The Middle Manager of Justice!

Congratulations, you are the new Middle Manager of Justice! You have been hired to whip the latest branch of Justice Corp. into shape! Train and manage your team of superheroes to thwart crime and save citizens around the city! Increase efficiency in your branch by building new facilities and upgrading the equipment! Could it be done without you? Yeah, probably. But it would be sloppy, costly and demotivating!


  • Exclusive to NVIDIA Tegra devices are the advanced costumes for @Man and Crimebot! Fight crime more effectively with their special suits, only on Tegra!

“We can add beautiful high resolution textures to Middle Manager of Justice and depend on fast performance on Tegra Powered devices.”

— Kee Chi, Project Lead, Double Fine Productions

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Comments and Ratings 8 Comments

Fun, funny, addicting!

by anonymous

This game cracks me up. All the little details are great, I especially like the paper shredder and the villain dialog. Well worth it.

14 October 2013


by anonymous


13 October 2013


by anonymous

Fun game

29 September 2013


by anonymous

awesome game

17 September 2013


by anonymous

5 stars

13 September 2013


by anonymous


02 September 2013


by anonymous

awesome game

19 August 2013


by anonymous

great game

14 August 2013

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Middle Manager of Justice

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