Hardwood Spades
Silver Creek Entertainment

Hardwood Spades

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Now with full controller support for SHIELD, MadCatz MOJO and other controller compatible Tegra-powered devices, Hardwood Spades takes advantage of the NVIDIA Tegra processor by incorporating real-time lighting and shadows in their game enviroments, adding new 1080p high resolution textures for the card faces and backs, and allowing to compete againsts oppenents playing on their PC or mobile device.

If you are new to Spades, learn to play Spades with in-game tutorials. For old Spades pros, and new spades players, play a game that looks a whole lot different than what you have seen in the past. Hardwood Spades is full of color and visual effects. Even the cards look great as the flip and turn like REAL playing cards!


  • Cool 3D effects: Cards move and flip like the real deal
  • Compete against opponents playing on their PC or mobile device
  • Chat with friends with the easy to use chat features
  • Pick from 4 card decks 24 card designs in all

"Hardwood Spades takes advantage of the NVIDIA Tegra processor to deliver an incredible gaming experience for the adventure of a lifetime."

— Rich Stewart, CEO, Silver Creek Entertainment

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Comments and Ratings 13 Comments


by Needless

Something needs to be done about the price....

15 September 2011


by help


18 August 2011

Love spades

by By t

But this is way to pricey!

14 July 2011

top expensive

by unslaught

top expensive for a card game

14 July 2011


by jim


11 June 2011


by jim

no way

09 June 2011

Best game of Spades

by Reznnate

Brilliant high quality game

01 June 2011

to expensive

by bigmerf

to high priced for a card game

01 June 2011

Too expensive

by ricky

Too expensive

27 April 2011


by devine

kinda expensive but looks good

25 April 2011


by vegasdude

great game..great graphics

17 April 2011

great game

by anthony

love the game

20 March 2011


by cparks

whoa, this game ruuuuules!

04 March 2011

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Hardwood Spades

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