Fruit Ninja

Fruit Ninja

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Fruit Ninja is the definitive version of the best-selling game and adds special graphic detail and effects including more detailed fruit models, higher resolution textures, and a new gameplay mechanic that slows down time.

It was specifically designed and developed to take advantage of the processing power of your NVIDIA® Tegra® -based mobile device and offers an unmatched graphically-rich experience that can't be found in any other mobile version.

Swipe your finger across the screen to deliciously slash and splatter fruit like a true ninja warrior. Be careful of bombs – they are explosive to touch and will put a swift end to your juicy adventure! This Tegra-enhanced version also allows for there to be more onscreen fruit at a time without having to sacrifice frame rate!

Fruit Ninja is the messiest and most satisfying fruit game ever and uses OpenFeint, so players can unlock achievements and shoot for the top of the global leaderboards while racking up OpenFeint points!


  • Juicy and satisfying fruit slicing
  • Combos, criticals and rare fruit
  • Unlockable bonus content
  • Addictive gameplay

“By utilizing the power and finesse of NVIDIA Tegra devices, Fruit Ninja has been developed and polished to an incredible standard of quality!”

— Shainiel Deo, CEO, Halfbrick

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Comments and Ratings 77 Comments

fruit ninja

by anonymous

I am in love with this game

01 February 2013


by anonymous


14 January 2013

fruit ninja

by anonymous

fun game

10 January 2013


by anonymous


24 August 2012


by anonymous


28 June 2012

the sound

by anonymous

the sound disappears after playing just 1 game on all of the modes..

18 June 2012

Needs Latest Update

by anonymous

No Updates, why did I pay more for no support?

11 May 2012

fruitninja thd

by fruitninja thd

85 ratings

02 March 2012


by Ink


29 February 2012


by chuy


26 February 2012


by Anonymous


22 December 2011


by Hydell

slash...slash..... and.... whoops.... KABOOMM!!!!!!!

15 December 2011


by Anonymous

An absolute must have! great fun

30 November 2011

Needs updating

by lexa000

Fun game, spent hours on it on both iPhone and Android, but it really needs to be updated on Android.

14 November 2011

great game

by matt

needs to get pomegranate update like Ios version

05 November 2011


by ecy


26 September 2011

Eeeehhhh its ok

by Bloodagent

Fun for the first 10 minutes then you will want a refund. Not much to this game. You just slash fruit, z-z-z-z-z

23 September 2011


by Rouxelle

This game is my <3

21 September 2011


by biggs4131

this game so bad eh

26 August 2011


by Anonymous

addictive, fun and easy to play

18 August 2011


by anonymous


13 August 2011


by Joey

Nice, classic game and I love the multiplayer.

11 August 2011

good game

by hakan


27 July 2011

Fruit ninja

by Kevin

Very good game, verkligen addictive!

26 July 2011

Super Fun

by Acatraz

Really fun game to play must have.

22 July 2011


by bana

i love it.

22 July 2011

best game

by ylt

very smooth on eee pad, fun game

13 July 2011

better on tegra

by Anonymous

great game

03 July 2011

Excelente juego

by Cafeino

de los mejores juegos que he visto.

02 July 2011

by Idlefrog

Very addictive!

16 June 2011

nice game

by mickey9

good with multiplayer

12 June 2011

good, get boring quickly

by mereHuman

imho multi player is what saved this game

07 June 2011


by riptide

ci puoi giocare anche se hai 10 minuti. Divertente

02 June 2011


by alex


30 May 2011

not enough

by Tropp

Fun for not very long time

29 May 2011


by xoom94

super nice gameplay with good graphics

27 May 2011

Great Game Xoom and G2x

by Colt.45

Great graphics works flawlessly after update-

11 May 2011

Great time waster!

by Hoople

vs. mode is a great addition to the standard game.

11 May 2011

very laggy

by xc

far below the fluency on iPad. asus eee pad

11 May 2011


by julian

$3 is too much for fruit slice...

10 May 2011


by niels

works fast and of course a nice game bit expensive

02 May 2011


by Fuse

Very funny game, the best to play in those boring hours!

01 May 2011


by k3Ck

Very very overpriced for such a simplistic game.

30 April 2011


by Tomsteele123

great for showing off xoom to friends!

30 April 2011


by igor

great game

27 April 2011

Tried and true

by Towelie

Its a really fun way to waste time.

25 April 2011


by dor

dor buozaglo

22 April 2011


by braza

way too repetitive, but well made

22 April 2011

Awesome game

by vamp6x6x6x

I love the graphics and ability to unlock stuff.

21 April 2011


by Kbogle

Fun game!

19 April 2011


by Ghjh


15 April 2011

by marc


12 April 2011


by chid_good

i think it is good.

10 April 2011


by Jocke

So much better than the original version, smooth and detailed

10 April 2011


by Penis


10 April 2011

5 stars

by ttt

5 stars

09 April 2011

4 stars

by fffffff

4 stars

08 April 2011


by gre

great fun!

07 April 2011


by admann

great game...

05 April 2011


by Towelie

its good but can still use some work on resolution

03 April 2011


by TolSnoken

No sleep for me :)

31 March 2011


by tw1nz

still some lag on my xoom

31 March 2011

4 stars

by oo

4 stars

24 March 2011

4 stars

by gw

4 stars

19 March 2011


by steve77

awesoe graphics

12 March 2011

Best version

by jam

The graphics are really good.

11 March 2011

five stars

by Dogan Reis

five stars

11 March 2011


by poirier

awesome game on the xoom...

07 March 2011


by igoulet

keeya on the watermelon ninja man!

07 March 2011


by Alexarg8

Boring and expensive

05 March 2011

Not better than in iphone


looks good, but is not impressive

04 March 2011

awesome gameplay

by ameet

game play is vrry entertaining

04 March 2011

g8 time killer

by rocio

became a black belt

04 March 2011

Slice & Dice

by Regret Truth

sweet game. runs great on xoom

01 March 2011

by badclam

very nice game

01 March 2011

fun game

by barzattacks

love this game.. lots of fun...

01 March 2011


by Victor

A great game!

01 March 2011

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Fruit Ninja is fun, fun, fun. It’s an instant pleasure and one you can find yourself hooked to, determined to post the highest fruit-murdering scores on OpenFeint or Facebook. Full article

What could have easily been another 'toy' app is transformed in to something that tests your patience and your reflexes with its simple gameplay. A 'refreshing' title for fans of casual endless games. Full article

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Fruit Ninja

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ATTENTION: For Tegra-Powered Devices ONLY close

Fruit Ninja

This version of Fruit Ninja will ONLY download to a Tegra-powered device.

Learn more about NVIDIA Tegra-powered devices.

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