Big Top THD
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Big Top THD

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Ever wanted to run away and join the circus? Well now you can! Big Top THD has been developed specifically to utilize the NVIDIA® Tegra® family of mobile processors. Practice your skills at high diving, plate spinning, juggling, knife throwing, you even get to throw custard pies at the clowns! Lots of levels and lots of laughs with this awesome looking circus game. You get beautiful animation, vibrant characters and smooth frame rates on Tegra 2 powered devices, whilst owners of the powerful new Tegra 3 powered tablets and phones will see additional effects, such as real-time shadow generation and advanced per pixel lighting. It’s all the fun of the circus in your hand!

Tegra 3 Enhancements: - Optimized animation systems and full utilization for devices using NVIDIA® Tegra 3®, quad-core mobile superchip

- Advanced per-pixel lighting on characters and real-time shadow generation


  • Developed specifically to utilize the NVIDIA® Tegra® family of mobile processors.
  • Features Knife Throwing, Plate Spinning, Juggling, Clowning Around, High Dive and Tiger Training

"As we’ve seen on Big Top THD, gaming performance on Tegra 3’s quad-core architecture is unmatched. From the high quality shadows to improved tent animation and high-dive splash effects, Tegra 3’s 12-core GPU delivers the best gaming experience and uses the lowest power you’ll see on a mobile device."

— Robert Troughton, CEO, Pitbull Studio Ltd.

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Comments and Ratings 16 Comments


by anonymous


10 November 2012


by anonymous

01 September 2012

amazingly bad

by anonymous

I read a review of this from

12 August 2012


by anonymous


01 August 2012


by anonymous


31 July 2012


by anonymous

its quiet good... try it

11 May 2012


by anonymous

fantastic game

23 April 2012


by anonymous


20 April 2012


by anonymous

one of the best

19 April 2012


by anonymous


18 April 2012

by ????

not very fun

11 March 2012

Nice concept, bad game.

by Will-Power

You guys have a great concept on your hands but the game is below par. Tegra 3 version is visually great but the game gets boring because there is no real control. I look forward future titles though!

28 December 2011

ghost r here

by nick

my mom

26 December 2011


by elkotan


18 December 2011

loved it

by ru4real35

great game good graphics

16 December 2011


by pitsoulja

this was really nice to play as well as it was to look at. better optimized for tegra 3 but looks just as phenominal on my tegra 2 powered Toshiba thrive. 5 stars for entertainment

16 December 2011

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