Backbreaker THD

Backbreaker THD

3D Stereo
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Providing the richest combination of video effects including dynamic self-shadowing, high-resolution textures, and more detailed stadiums than any other mobile version, Backbreaker THD was ported by IdeaWorks using their Airplay SDK and is an enhanced version developed specifically to be played on NVIDIA® Tegra® -powered mobile devices.

Backbreaker THD also maintains a silky smooth frame rate no matter what's being thrown on screen while providing an intense, arcade football experience.

Sprint, juke and spin past waves of oncoming defenders, racking up score multipliers on your way to the endzone! Backbreaker features bone-crunching tackles, a stunning 3D stadium, and multi-angle instant replays.


  • Multiple gameplay modes including an 80-wave ‘Endurance Mode’.
  • Stick YOUR name on the jersey!
  • Unlock secret content by completing challenges and winning helmets.
  • Post your scores to online global leaderboards.
  • Easy to pick up but tricky to master.

"Backbreaker Football looks amazing on Tegra. Because of the additional performance, we have been able to further push the boundaries in term of visual fidelity, including full self-shadowing on characters – a first on a mobile device."

— Reil Torsten, CEO, NaturalMotion Games

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Comments and Ratings 36 Comments

no nexus 7 compability

by anonymous

says not available for nexus 7 ...what the hell

26 July 2012

not support htc one x...

by anonymous

will update support one x?

19 May 2012


by anonymous


10 May 2012


by Galaxy Tab 10.1

its decent.

06 March 2012


by asman


04 January 2012

Great but...

by Cepak

game is very good. I like it but its still crashes on my galaxy tab 10.1

08 December 2011


by Tmurda

Not worth the money. Got bored with it after a day.

30 November 2011


by hdhn


19 November 2011

asus transformer

by dee

controls n graphicsand speed are great on asus transformer. why would u even play it on a phone? dont complain when playng on 4 inch screen.

19 October 2011

Bad controls


This game would be less frustrating if the controls were remotely responsive

02 September 2011

Very nice, very smooth

by Michael

run really well on my 10.1

02 September 2011


by Scores

Controls are very small on atrix

31 August 2011


by Towelie

this game is freakin epic. buy it meow

28 August 2011


by SE fan

lag @ x10 mini Pro

22 August 2011


by chelsea

its okay not really good

25 July 2011


by sarang

tanks for you

13 July 2011


by rhythmically


28 June 2011

okay. wish there was more

by karma

boring after 2 minutes

05 June 2011


by Tazvegas

nice gameplay...addictive

26 May 2011

Utterly broken

by steve

textures do not load, so game is unplayable

21 May 2011

Great game great quality

by Apollo_olloqA

Smooth too.

10 May 2011


by mpbp


04 May 2011


by hjjjjju


03 May 2011

5 stars

by hjjjjju

5 stars

03 May 2011

5 stars

by hjjjjju

5 stars

03 May 2011


by android-hilfe

now i know why called thd f***ing good Graphics

22 April 2011


by Kbogle

Fun game!

19 April 2011

by Anonymous

really addictive and fun

18 April 2011

Five Stars

by Dawg

Great graphics..Simple to play.

06 April 2011


by Rockefer

Great game esp. On atrix

05 April 2011

by Anonymous

great game

30 March 2011

very cool game

by football

the visual effect is awesome

18 March 2011


by Daniel

Looks amazing! killz the iphone version.

14 March 2011


by judithanne

Fun game - looks great on my Atrix

06 March 2011


by poirier

great game play .. very addicting

04 March 2011

super clean

by Anonymous

really smooth gameplay

01 March 2011

Official Reviews 2 Reviews

Pocket Gamer

The key to Backbreaker's success is the way it handles movement. The interplay between its excellent physics and animation systems make every crunching tackle feel real, every balletic twist a triumph. It looks and plays fantastically. Full article

IGN Wireless

This is a purely casual football arcade game that concentrates solely on bursting through a horde of defenders to score a goal. Yet it offers a great football experience. Full article

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